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John Brantley's Injury: High Ankle Sprain, According to Report

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No one officially knows the extent of John Brantley's injury, though we have a few separate pieces of news to stitch together on the hit that knocked the Florida quarterback out of the Gators' 38-10 loss to Alabama — and video of Brantley's injury, if you care to subject yourself to it again. But the Palm Beach Post's Jason Lieser reports that "multiple sources" have told him Brantley suffered a high ankle sprain against Alabama.

What does that mean? Well, according to Wikipedia:

A high ankle sprain, also known as a syndesmotic ankle sprain, is a sprain of the syndesmotic ligaments that connect the tibia and fibula on the lower leg. Syndesmotic ankle sprains are known as high because their location on the lower leg is above the ankle.

What a high ankle sprain — remember, not the official word from the team, at least yet — might mean for Brantley's availability for the rest of the 2011 season is unclear. But it's probably worth noting that most high ankle sprains take weeks, plural, to heal, and that Tom Brady sustained a high ankle sprain two weeks before Super Bowl XLII and still managed to play in it.