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John Brantley Not Expected to Play For Florida Vs. LSU With High Ankle Sprain, According to Report

Don't expect to see this against LSU.
Don't expect to see this against LSU.

And now ESPN's Joe Schad is on the "John Brantley's injury is a high ankle sprain" train, with the added note that Brantley is not expected to play for Florida against LSU. That sound you heard was the other shoe dropping.

Florida quarterback John Brantley is not expected to play against No. 1 LSU on Saturday after suffering a high ankle sprain against Alabama last week, a person close to the QB confirmed Sunday night.

Why do I trust Schad on Brantley's injury? Let's look at how he reported Brantley's broken ribs in 2010.

Florida quarterback John Brantley was dealing with injuries to his ribs and throwing thumb but also pain in his throwing shoulder leading into the loss to LSU, a source close to the quarterback said Sunday.

Brantley and coach Urban Meyer downplayed the extent of Brantley's injuries after the game, but the source said Brantley was in considerable pain and limited all week.

According to the source, Brantley has hairline fractures in four ribs and wore a reinforced protective vest in the game.

Isn't it a pretty good guess that Schad got this information from the same source? Given the detail of the notes about his 2010 injury, isn't it possible that the source was either a doctor who saw Brantley or a member of Brantley's family? And given how weirdly phrased "a source close to the quarterback" is, isn't it unlikely that this is a person within the Florida program?

I know nothing for certain, but I would be utterly unsurprised if Schad's source is Brantley's father, John Brantley III. Failing that, I would say that Schad's source is either someone within the Florida program who was around in 2010 and is still in Gainesville or a doctor who is familiar with Brantley.