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Alligator Army Week 7 Pick'em Results and Winner

Gameday Depot
FTC disclosure: This contest is sponsored by Gameday Depot and SB Nation.

Congratulations to Charlie Weiss's stomach band for winning this week's Alligator Army Pick'em Pool and the $10 gift certificate from Gameday Depot. In addition to a surplus of the letter S, CWSB came up with 16 of 18 correct picks in Week 7, beating all competitors except skigator93, who is unfortunately ineligible for prizes. A confirmation email with instructions on how to claim your prize will be sent along shortly.

As always, there's another $10 gift certificate up for grabs this week and a $50 gift certificate for the entire season, so keep playing.

You can view the full standings at the Yahoo! group page. I am not doing well.