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Alligator Army Week 9 BlogPoll Ballot

After the jump, reasoning.

  • LSU and Alabama would be tied for first if I could tie them for first; as it is, LSU's win over Oregon is the best in the nation this season. 
  • And that four-team pack of unbeatens behind them would all be tied for third, or fifth, or whatever you want to call that second tier. The most impressive win any of those four teams have is, I think, either Oklahoma State's win over Texas A&M or Clemson's victory over Virginia Tech; the second-best LSU and Alabama wins might be comparable to those.
  • I can't rank Wisconsin behind Michigan State, because I think Wisconsin beats the Spartans more often than not when Bret Bielema actually tries to come up with an endgame. 
  • Oklahoma's resume suddenly looks a lot less wonderful: Florida State is recovering from awful to be merely good, while Texas is ranked here only because I needed to rank 25 teams. It's the same issue with Stanford: Beating that ranked Washington team doesn't tell me all that much, because Washington might not be very good.
  • South Carolina, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, USC: There are a lot of one-loss teams that I think are worse than two-loss teams Texas A&M and Arizona State.
  • It pains me to rank Georgia, especially this week. But.
  • Penn State demonstrating a grasp of offense being an objective in football against Northwestern barely counts.