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Chomping At Bits: Will Muschamp Is No Georgia Bulldog Now

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Will Muschamp's not a Dawg: He just went there, back then. (Joey Johnston, The Tampa Tribune)

Florida-Georgia history: I like John Brantley saying that he wanted to get back for Georgia. 1) Of course you did. 2) You had a three-week injury; you didn't have much choice. 3) Don't lie: You were secretly relieved to not play LSU, weren't you? (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Awesome old photo of Steve Spurrier ahoy: I follow SI's photos all over the Internet for good reason. (SI Photo Blog)

Albert in a sailor's hat: And the rest of this old Florida-Georgia program is great, too. (kleph, Football Study Hall)

Where's RoPo? l wish I knew. (Ed Aschoff, SEC Blog/ESPN)

BlogPollin': Yeah, we got votes. I don't know how, either. (Me, SB Nation)

More on Tebow, Pt. 3: FYI: Our Broncos blog is full of Tebow true believers. (Sayre Bedinger, Mile High Report)

More on Tebow, Pt. 4: I'm totally going to be able to do this all week. (Brian Phillips, Grantland)

Aaron Murray's on every Gator's list: FSU shirt? Underage with a beer in his hand? Next to a shirtless former Georgia Tech player who is apparently fitter than he is? Yes, yes, yes. (Jason Kirk, SB Nation Atlanta)

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