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Chomping At Bits: Will Muschamp's High School Photos Are Fantastic

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Will Muschamp, potrait of late '80s cool: I didn't even read the article; I just looked at the pictures like this one. (Jason Lieser, Gator Bytes/Palm Beach Post)


(Photo from Palm Beach Post via Muschamp's alma mater, The Darlington School.)

Gerald Christian, Robert Clark upset high school coach: That's right: He's mad at his players, not Florida. (Jason Lieser, Gator Bytes/Palm Beach Post)

More on Tebow, Pt. 5: All week, I'm telling you. (Nate Jackson, Slate)

On basketball recruiting's seedy underbelly: It's not free, but it's well worth the read. (Dave Telep, ESPN Insider | $)

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