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Theater of Operations, Florida Vs. Georgia: Previewing Georgia's Passing Game

This Saturday, is the day that a lot us have been looking forward to for quiet some time. Some of us, have even been looking forward to this game with a fire not seen every week. The game in question is of course the Florida-Georgia Classic or as many of us (including me) refer to it as, The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

The Georgia Bulldogs enter this weekend ranked 47th overall in the passing game, and 55th overall in the rushing game. The Gators on defense, are somehow 6th overall against the pass, and 34th overall against the rush. Yeah, don't worry about it. The fact that the Gators are 6th overall in the country against the pass surprised the heck out of me as well.

This Georgia attack, lead by Aaron Murray, is different than any other the Gators have seen or will see this year. Aaron Murray is regarded by some, as the best overall player in the SEC. Whether you agree with that assessment or not, Murray probably is the best quarterback in the SEC. Yes, I know that Tyler Wilson and Tyler Bray are still at Arkansas and Tennessee respectively, but given the choice of the three, I'd take Aaron Murray.

After the jump, we'll take a look at both the good and bad of Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray.

Play No. 1: Aaron Murray to Malcolm Mitchell for 43 yards against Tennessee:


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

This is a very simple play here set-up by Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo. Yes, that Mike Bobo. A play-action call to receiver Malcolm Mitchell (top of screen) and it is speed vs. speed. Which Mitchell has plenty of.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

A couple of things to note here. The safety (no circle) is drawn in by the play-action, Malcolm (top square) has gained inside position on the defensive back and no pressure whatsoever from the Tennessee defensive line.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Note Aaron Murray's perfect form here. In particular, look at his feet and the way they are set. Perfect.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Speed is everything. It is the only thing, in athletics, that you cannot teach.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

The only problem with this play, is that the ball is under thrown. But Malcolm Mitchell makes a great mid-air adjustment on the ball and comes down with the catch.

Play No. 2: Aaron Murray to Malcolm Mitchell for 71 yards against Tennessee:


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Another play-action play and this time, the result is better.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Malcolm Mitchell is again ahead of his defender. This time though, the throw from Aaron Murphy is much better. He leads Mitchell perfectly, and the result is a significant gain.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Look at this. The ball still isn't there, and not only has Mitchell extended his lead on the defender, but he has also ran towards the ball. Something the Gators wide receivers and tight ends know nothing about.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

This time, because the throw was much better and Mitchell had time to run towards the ball, he is able to catch it in-stride and run an extra twenty five yards downfield. This is the type of play that scares me. Neither Cody Riggs or Marcus Roberson have shown that they can stay with a receiver on this type of play.

Play No. 3: Aaron Murray to Tavarres King for 20 yards and a touchdown against Vanderbilt:


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Vanderbilt will bring six defenders here on a blitz. Georgia, does a great job in picking up the blitz and allowing Aaron Murray the time needed to get off the throw.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

As already mentioned, great blitz pick-up by the Georgia offensive line and running backs. All that is left now is for Murray to get an extra second or two because Tavarres King hasn't quite gotten up to full speed on his route yet.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Aaron Murray again shows impeccable technique. Given the time needed by the offensive line and running backs, he is now free to unload yet another perfect throw.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Perfect blocking. Perfect throw. Perfect catch.

Play No. 4: Aaron Murray intercepted for a touchdown against South Carolina:


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Georgia does another little gimmick play-action, but it can't be considered a full one. Just a quick little half pitch type of deal.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Murray again benefits from an outstanding pocket courtesy of the Georgia offensive line. There isn't a defender that has even a remote chance of breaking through.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Murray steps up into the pocket, perfect form...


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

...and unleashes a horrible throw. Right into the hands of South Carolina's Antonio Allen. Who will return the interception for a touchdown.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Yeah, it was actually bobbled for a second or two by Allen before he gained complete control of the ball. Trust me though, he returned it for a touchdown.

Aaron Murray through seven games this year, has thrown for sixteen touchdowns and seven interceptions. I'm not that good at math (in fact, I'm horrible) but that seems like it is slightly more than two touchdowns and one interception per game, average. Not incredibly great by any means, but those numbers are far from lousy. 

I know that Georgia has a pretty decent running game behind freshman Isaiah Crowell and company. I also know that over the past few weeks, the Gators have struggled mightily against the running game. So you can go ahead and call it a hunch, but I think the outcome of this game will be decided on whether or not the Gators can shut down Aaron Murray or not.