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Chomping At Bits: Steve Spurrier's First Florida-Georgia Moment

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Steve Spurrier's Florida-Georgia baptism: And you wonder why Florida beat Georgia like a drum in the '90s. (C.J. Schenayder/kleph, SB Nation)

How Florida came to dominate Georgia: A little trolling in the deep. (Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun)

Florida soccer plays for share of SEC title: Because I need to rant about this somewhere: I heard a radio ad for this game that included the phrase "league title." The SEC's not a league; it's a conference. Therefore, I think, a team can't win a "league title," just a "conference title." And there are much better ways to write "conference title" over again, like "conference crown" and "conference championship" and... (Jim Harvin, Gainesville Sun)

Billy Donovan looking for "junkyard dog": To play power forward in a four-guard lineup. Any ideas? (@gatorhoops)

Kent Taylor, Colin Thompson close: Which is good, I guess. (@thekellyprice)

More on NCAA rules changes: Yes, it's an Insider article, but Telep explains these things well. (Dave Telep, ESPN Insider | $)

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