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Alligator Army Week 6 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

After the jump, reasoning. (I am aware of the irony of the guy who runs the BlogPoll being so tardy with it. Shush.)

  • If I could make LSU and Alabama co-No. 1s, I would. Similar teams, similar resumes. I might just flip-flop them each week as performance dictates.
  • Wisconsin and Clemson would beat Boise State more often than not, I think, but I would still take Boise State in a single game against either team, because single games are kind of what Boise State does.
  • You see Oregon creeping up there? That's because I can't penalize the Ducks (and similarly situated West Virginia and Arkansas and Florida) for losing to great teams, and because they've done enough in their other games to convince me that they are actually good.
  • "Florida State, consequently, should be higher," you might think. "And Florida, too!" Problems with that: Neither team has a sure thing at quarterback right now, and both defenses have been exposed.
  • Nebraska could probably be lower, but Texas A&M would find a way to lose to the Huskers.
  • South Carolina losing at home to Auburn despite four Tigers picks and great defense against Michael Dyer or Virginia Tech mustering three points and 258 yards against a Clemson defense that let Florida State's backup quarterback pick it apart: Which is less inspiring?
  • Kansas State is better than Baylor, but respect for Robert Griffin III being a weapon of mass football destruction keeps the Bears ranked. Also, there was no way in hell I was going to rank Michigan State for the game it played against Ohio State.

Thoughts, friends, Romans, countrymen/countrywomen?