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Alligator Army Week 10 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

After the jump, reasoning.

  • Oklahoma State's defense is slightly better than Stanford's. Both of those offenses are better than Boise State's. And yet I would still take the Broncos over either team in a bowl game. Boise's weird.
  • I'm pretty sure Oregon's going to beat Stanford in a thriller, but the Ducks and Cardinal both have massive defensive deficiencies that are going to be a huge problem for them against non-Pac-12 teams. Good thing they can't play more than one for the rest of the year!
  • Oklahoma's resume isn't as good as Clemson's, but the Sooners would beat Clemson.
  • I kind of wish I could legitimately drop Arkansas behind other teams, but while the Razorbacks are not a legitimate top 25 team in the first half, they are definitely a top 12 team in the second half. And I also think they have a lot more talent than those three Big Ten teams behind them. Teams like Arkansas make this exercise both fun and frustrating.
  • Nebraska beat Michigan State, which beat Wisconsin, and the Badgers' second loss helps nullify their destruction of Nebraska. That's my reasoning on that trio.
  • South Carolina's defense didn't give up points on three Tennessee drives that started inside South Carolina's 30. Tennessee's not at full strength, but that's still insane.
  • Penn State and Kansas State are kind of mirror images of each other: I don't think either team is great, and I know neither one has played anyone really good, but they both grind out wins. K-State having wins against Baylor and Texas Tech helps the Wildcats in my eyes.
  • Georgia falls, because that team was not very good. Florida was just significantly less good.

Thoughts, folks? Where is my most glaring mistake?