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Chomping At Bits: John Brantley, Florida's Wounded "Warrior"

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John Brantley, warrior: Man, this is going to turn into hagiography before long. Note to anyone who wants to praise Brantley as a warrior for sheer toughness: He came back a little earlier than he might have from an injury, failed to win a game despite chance after chance to do so, forced his offensive coordinator to essentially customize his playbook for his very limited capabilities, and made his share of mistakes and bad throws. He proved he's a little tougher than some knew on Saturday, but not much else. Cool it with the beatification. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Muschamp on Brantley: "A gutsy performance," despite Florida's new low. (Tom Green, The Independent Florida Alligator)

Florida's problems aren't all its quarterbacks: You think, doctor? (Edward Aschoff, ESPN)

Postgame notes and quotes: Ctrl + F Aaron Murray's name to be especially mad. (GatorZone PDF)

Georgia coaches win with inimitable class: Which is to say very little. (Lyle Fitzsimmons, RapidReports/CBS Sports)

Jarvis Jones, time and again: He's good at football. (Jon, Saturday Down South)

Bright side No. 1: Florida isn't Tennessee. (Will Shelton, Rocky Top Talk)

Bright side No. 2: Brad Beal, the No. 8 shooting guard in America! #BasketballSchool (Steve Megargee, Rivals)

After the jump, the Gators video of the day.

Via Gator Envy, this video's of Class of 2012 commits Matt Jones and Mike Davis. You can probably just watch it on mute.

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