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Florida Gators Fall Out Of Week 7 College Football Rankings

The Florida Gators, after losing back to back games to Alabama and LSU, fell out of the Top 25 in both the USA Today coaches poll and the AP poll this week. The Gators had made a steady climb up the rankings before the losses though. Rising to a high of No. 12 in both the USA Today coaches poll and AP poll in week five.

Also, with both Florida State and Miami losing as well on Saturday, this week's version of the AP poll marks the first time since Dec. 6, 1982, that neither Florida, Florida State or Miami are ranked in the Top 25. So goes that impressive streak.

If it is good for your soul, please take note that the Gators are the team with the most votes not ranked in both polls. So No. 26 it is for the Gators as they take on the Auburn Tigers this weekend.

As always, for those interested:

  • LSU is ranked No. 2 (USA Today) and No. 1 (AP)
  • Alabama is ranked No. 3 (USA Today) and No. 2 (AP)
  • Arkansas is ranked No. 11 (USA Today) and No. 10 (AP)
  • South Carolina is ranked No. 13 (USA Today) and No. 15 (AP)
  • Auburn is ranked No. 24 (AP)

So yeah, four (or five) teams are ranked from the SEC this week depending on which poll you follow. Also, the first official BCS Standings of 2011 come out next week. But in all likelihood, the Gators won't be ranked high enough to matter.

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