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Chomping At Bits: Will Muschamp "Has No Chance" With 2011 Florida Team, Gary Danielson Says

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Will Muschamp, damned with faint praise: This is from Gary Danielson. (David Jones, Gators Sports Scene/Florida Today)

"I believe Will Muschamp is doing about as good as he can. To me, I really think Will Muschamp has a butter knife, basically a dull butter knife of talent in a league that everybody else has steak and you need a steak knife to win in this league. He has no chance. He does not have a team put together to compete at the highest level at this league, especially with an injured quarterback."

Danielson's essentially right about that, though "has no chance" is more properly "has no chance against more talented, deeper, healthier, and older SEC teams," I think. He's on a roll!

Erik Murphy has unusual mentor: It's Chris Herren, the subject of an ESPN documentary premiering tonight. (Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun)

Lots of Gators are injured: Which: Duh. (Rachel George, Swamp Things/Orlando Sentinel)

Mid-major basketball dawns again: Worth reading if you care about David and the Gators' Goliath. (Kyle Whelliston, The Mid-Majority)

SB Nation has new parent: I'm now working for Vox Media, Inc., and I couldn't be happier. (Justin Ellis, Nieman Journalism Lab)

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