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Will Muschamp is Ninth-Highest Paid Coach in Country

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Florida Gators head football coach Will Muschamp is the ninth-highest paid coach in the country. The University Atheltic Association released his official contract earlier today. Muschamp inked a five-year, $13.75 million contract, even though this year marks the first head coaching job he's ever had. The previous year, he was the head coach in-waiting at Texas, which has to count for something right?

However, as the Palm Beach Post points out in the linked article above, a University Athletic Association spokesperson said that Muschamp's contract "ranking" is incorrect. Due to something or another about what exactly qualifies as a full year on the job. But seriously, being the ninth-highest paid coach has got to be pretty sweet.

As for this year alone, Muschamp, according to USA Today, will earn just over $3 million.

In case you were wondering who makes up the Top-10:

  • No. 1: Mack Brown (Texas) - $5.1 million plus.
  • No. 2: Nick Saban (Alabama) - $4.8 million plus.
  • No. 3: Bob Stoops (Oklahoma) - $4 million plus.
  • No. 4: Les Miles (LSU) - $3.8 million plus.
  • No. 5: Kirk Ferentz (Iowa) - $3.7 million plus.
  • No. 6: Bobby Petrino (Arkansas) - $3.6 million plus.
  • No. 7: Gene Chizik (Auburn) - $3.5 million even.
  • No. 8: Brady Hoke (Michigan) - $3.2 million plus.
  • No. 9: Will Muschamp (Florida) - $3.2 million plus.
  • No. 10: Mark Richt (Georgia) - $2.9 million plus.

I guess it pays (literally) to coach in the Southeastern Conference. Six of the top-ten highest paid coaches in the country are employed by SEC schools. I wonder if there is any coorelation between that, and sucess on the field? Yeah, I'm okay with that.