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Chomping At Bits: Tim Tebow's Dramatic Touchdown Drive Helps Broncos Beat Jets

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Tim Tebow leads "The Drive," reprise? I don't know what to say about Tebow's stirring game-winning drive that lifted the Broncos past the Jets in the fourth quarter that hasn't already been said by someone on Twitter, except this: Gosh, he's fun to watch when he scrambles.

Twitter reacts to Tebow's touchdown: Hilariously, Patrick Ewing Jr. makes the cut on one of these lists. (Dan Shanoff, Quickish | Adam Silverstein, Only Gators)

Tebow "Tebowing": Okay, a mini-rant: What Tebow was doing when he dropped to one knee and prayed after beating the Dolphins earlier this year was praying. Tebow does this a lot, and though it is sort of unusual for someone who plays in the NFL to be doing it, it's Tebow's privilege to do whatever he wants as long as the Broncos don't disapprove. That it got turned into a phenomenon had a lot to do with shameless capitalists who found it lucrative and media outlets that know Tebow moves the meter. Furthermore, and because of that, it's hard to say that Tebow praying while a cameraman gets down to the ground to film him doing so is "mugging for the camera"; that seems to me to be more like "the camera getting weirdly intrusive with someone praying." But whatever. (@xmasape)

Broncos blog reaction to Tebow: Literally thousands of comments here. (Fourth Quarter Game Thread | Third Quarter | Second Quarter | First Quarter)

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