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Florida Vs. Jacksonville Recap: Gators Romp Behind Kenny Boynton, Patric Young


(Photo via Only Gators.)

Patric Young's massive throwdown from Kenny Boynton in the second half of Florida's 107-62 trouncing of Jacksonville was seismic, so much so that Young got a pseudo-admonishment from Billy Donovan moments afterward, according to Rachel George of the Orlando Sentinel:

Young said after alley-oop, Billy D told him, "I'm gonna take you out bc. I don't want to forfeit the game for the backboard being broken."

This is where Florida is now: Finally, the Gators are once again good enough to destroy lesser competition if they want to. A smattering of notes after the jump, and apologies for the mirrored video; it's the best I could find.

  • Kenny Boynton is Florida's best player right now. I've been on the Brad Beal train since the exhibition against Catholic, and I know Beal has more talent, but Boynton is The Man for this team at this moment, and he's making the most of it. He's made at least two threes in every game and is shooting an insane 52.7% from deep; he's scored 19 points in every game but Florida's loss to Ohio State; he's been to the line for at least four free throws in every game since Florida's opener; he's producing assists and snaring rebounds; he's defending without fouling. Given his relative lack of height and athleticism, this is a tremendous start to the season, and I certainly hope he sustains his nova-hot shooting.
  • Young_dunk_macklin_tweet_medium

  • Young had 14 points and nine boards in 24 minutes, had that huge dunk, and had a sequence in the second half that involved him slapping a Jacksonville shot off the backboard, running the floor, establishing post position, spinning to the hoop, and putting in a four-footer with his left hand. He also threw a great outlet pass to Boynton in the first half, goggles still on, and then gave a little fist pump when Boynton finished on the break. I'm beginning to suspect that Patric Young's pretty good.
  • Casey Prather forced a turnover, made a pass on the break, and followed the miss on that break with a tip dunk. That was Corey Brewer-ish to the max. He also aggravated a groin injury. That's more Casey Prather-ish.
  • Erving Walker: Six assists, one turnover, nine shots. I will take all three of those numbers all year.
  • Will Yeguete had nine rebounds (five offensive) in 17 minutes, but also committed four fouls and generally made me cringe when he dribbled. Yeguete's best role on this team is as the hyperactive supplement to either Young or Erik Murphy, but he was made to play Murphy's role because of the power forward's knee injury. It worked just fine against Jacksonville, but I'm thinking it might be less effective against Syracuse. Let's hope Murphy heals quickly.
  • On this team's best nights, like this one, the Gators will look like the best team in the country. Improving over the rest of the season and increasing the likelihood of those nights is important; teams rarely cut down the nets at the end of the NCAA Tournament without a few of them in March and April.