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Alligator Army BlogPoll Week 14 Ballot

After the jump, reasoning.

  • Look, it really doesn't matter beyond that top three. While I think Oklahoma State's resume is better than Alabama's, and would only get better with a win over Oklahoma, I also think the Tide win seven of 10 match-ups between the two teams.
  • That Pac-12 logjam isn't satisfying, because Oregon > Stanford > USC > Oregon isn't satisfying, but I'm okay putting the team that beat the team that is playing the best ahead of it.
  • Oregon would beat Arkansas, right? Oregon came a little closer to LSU at a neutral site, I think.
  • Boise State and Georgia fall because USC rose, more or less. USC rose because I took a look at the damage the Trojans have done since losing to Stanford.
  • Yes, that's Michigan and South Carolina rising because of wins over teams I don't have ranked. I didn't have Virginia ranked, either, and Michigan's moving up because I think Denard Robinson is just that special on offense, and would help Michigan win most of the shootouts it would get itself into against teams lower in my rankings.
  • Can Baylor and TCU just play again?
  • Florida State is ranked because, well, I ran out of other teams.

Thoughts, those of you running on more sleep and with fewer papers hanging fire?