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Gators' Dominique Easley Won't Face Charges After Alleged October Assault

Hey, look, a rare spot of good news for Florida football this year! And it comes from the legal system, sort of: Dominique Easley will not be charged by the State Attorney's Office in connection with an October incident involving the alleged assault of former Alabama football player Reggie Myles, according to a statement released to the Orlando Sentinel's Rachel George, among others.

Myles alleged Easley assaulted him from behind at around midnight after Florida's loss to the Crimson Tide on October 1. After an investigation, the University of Florida Police Department recommended Easley be charged with misdemeanor battery last week; today, State Attorney Bill Cervone declined to press charges.

Easley hasn't missed any time during the investigation, and was never arrested in conjuction with it. The sophomore defensive tackle has also blossomed into one of the best players on Florida's young defense, tallying seven tackles for loss and a sack on the year.