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Theater of Operations, Florida Vs. Vanderbilt: Reviewing The Gators' Offensive Performance

GAINESVILLE, FL -  NOVEMBER 5:  Quarterback John Brantley #12 of the Florida Gators sets for play against the Vanderbilt Commodores November 5, 2011 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
GAINESVILLE, FL - NOVEMBER 5: Quarterback John Brantley #12 of the Florida Gators sets for play against the Vanderbilt Commodores November 5, 2011 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
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Look at that! The Florida Gators finally won their first football game since the end of September! Yes, I (along with others here) didn't think that the month of October would be so unfriendly, but, unfortunately, it seemed far worse than expected. The Gators hung on (literally, in Jordan Reed's case) to beat the Vanderbilt Commodores by a score of 26-21. It wasn't pretty, at times, but for the first time in 2011, it was fairly clean for Florida.

Did you know that the Gators only committed three penalties? In actuality, they probably committed a few more than that, but by my calculations, the Gators were due for some calls that went their way. Speaking of things going the Gators' way, the offense as a whole actually accumulated over 400 yards. The last time the Gators had 400 or more yards of offense? Yes, it was the last time they won a game this year, and it was against Kentucky.

This isn't about Kentucky, though. It's about Vanderbilt. Let's take a look at how the offense fared against the Commodores.

Play No. 1: Omarius Hines' 37-yard catch and then fumble:


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

This play is rather simple. Jacoby Brissett is in, because it is a short-yardage play. Hines (bottom yellow circle) will be in a delayed run route. Meaning, he is going to be blocking first.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Hines (yellow square) is engaged with his block at the time the play-action hand off is occurring. So far, the play is setting up as planned by Charlie Weis.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Unfortunetly, the play is blown up because Dan Wenger (yellow square) gets beaten so bad, you'd think that he was blocking Marvin Hagler (no punch implied or suspected). Hines (yellow circle) is at this point releasing from his block.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Brissett (yellow square), barely gets the throw off as he is being taken down by two defenders. Hines (yellow circle) is wide open.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Yes that's right. Hines was so wide open and had so much room to run, that the first defender to have a chance at stopping him was at the 11-yard line.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

After making a few moves, Hines ends up fumbling the ball. Vanderbilt ends up recovering the fumble in the end zone for a touch-back.

Play No. 2: Jeff Demps' five-yard touchdown run:


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

This one is very simple. Just a handoff from the shotgun formation to Jeff Demps (top yellow circle). But keep a close eye on the blocking done by the entire Gators offense.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Look at this blocking! Every single defender is marked and taken out perfectly. As a bonus, Demps (double yellow circle) has three blockers in front of him to help clear the way even more.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

The blocking continues to be great. Demps (yellow circle) hasn't even come close to getting touched by defender.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Demps uses a little bit of his speed at the end of the play, but he pretty much just walks across the goal-line. Touchdown, Gators.

Play No. 3: Jeff Demps' 52-yard touchdown run:


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

This is the play-call that I was waiting for. In fact, I was talking about it in the comments of the game-thread roughly two hours before Charlie Weis finally called it.  Also, I think that props are in order for Alligator Army member Charles UF, who in that discussion, correctly predicted that while he likes the play, it should be saved for later in the game. Well done sir, well done.

What the play is, is a fake hand-off to the inside (fullback) and then pitch it wide to Demps. Who I'll take in a one-on-one battle in the open all day, every day.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

At the time of the pitch-out, there is only one defender on that side of the field that even has a chance at stopping Demps. Again, I like Demps' chances every single time. Please note the block that A.C. Leonard (yellow square) has on his defender. It is greater than excellent.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)



(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

And the defender takes a seat as a result. Demps is now off to the races.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Touchdown, Gators.

After everything was said and done, I'm just fine with the performance of the offense gave in beating Vanderbilt. Remember, Hines fumbled at the Vanderbilt 1, and Caleb Sturgis missed a field goal. Both of those things don't happen very often.

When you average 4.3 yards per carry, and 8.5 yards per pass attempt, you're going to win more often than you lose. If not for the defense struggling late (er, the entire second half), the Gators win rather easily, and probably do a lot better in the offensive statistical department.