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Chomping At Bits: John Brantley's Ankle In Aircast, Has Arm Injury

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John Brantley, playing through pain: Sure, he has an ankle in an aircast and an arm that took "a good shot," but, hey, he's the best Florida's got. (@osgators | Antonya English, Gator Report/St. Petersburg Times)

Pistol proves successful: Charlie Weis knows how to get creative. (Robbie Andreu, Gainesville Sun)

Jeff Demps, SEC Offensive Player of the Week: I think Trent Richardson did more against a less forgiving defense, but, hey, I'm no gift horse dentist. (GatorZone)

David Lerner to receive Dick Schaap Sportsman of the Year Award: Which seems like a significantly bigger deal if you don't know it's basically just for athletes with Crohn's disease. (GatorZone)

Marquis Maze blames camera wire for his own failure: I understand being upset about getting hosed by one of the best punts ever and a coach that put you on the field despite a gimpy ankle, but, hey, c'mon. (John Pennington, Mr. SEC)

After the jump, the Gators video of the day, which you should probably be able to figure out in half a second, considering what week this is.


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