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Florida Recruiting: Will Mark Pantoni's Departure For Ohio State Hurt The Gators?

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Florida’s Director of Football Administration, Mark Pantoni, would be joining former Florida head coach Urban Meyer at Ohio State. Amid the rumors of various Gators assistants departing Gainesville, it might be easy to overlook the loss of an important part of Florida’s recruiting machine.

Because the "administration" side of things isn't well understood, it can be hard to figure out how much someone like Pantoni matters to a football program. Think of it this way: the head coach, coordinators, and assistant coaches don’t make up the entire operations of a football program, just the hubs; Pantoni is one of those extremely valuable bolts holding the machine together that, if it weren’t for the Internet, you may have never heard of.

Back in 2008, Pantoni described having a database in his brain. If you think you know a lot about recruiting and the high school football landscape, step aside and imagine for a moment if wasn't just your greatest passion, but also your everyday job. That’s Pantoni, and when you combine passion with job, you get 80 to 90 hours per week of dedication in its purest form. To say that Pantoni was an important part of the football program would be an understatement. We have to ask how his loss will be felt and what its impact will be on recruiting.

Pantoni’s role with the Gators was multifaceted. From organizing recruiting visits to setting up calls with prospects to being one of the key contributors to Friday Night Lights, Pantoni did a lot of everything, but what will be missed most of all is his knowledge. He was an encyclopedia of stats, measurements, strengths, weaknesses, potential, abilities ... this list could go on and on.

Beyond the vast amount of information stored in his brain, though, he also forged relationships with prospects throughout the state and around the country. But how valuable is that in the end? Developing relationships with recruits can’t be discounted, but they will play for coaches. For instance, committed tight end Colin Thompson thought Pantoni was a great person that will be missed, but also had this to say regarding any possible impact to recruiting:

"He wasn’t a position coach, so I think it will be OK."

Prospects may not change their tune because of Pantoni’s departure, but with the database gone, Will Muschamp will need to replace a ton of knowledge. It can be done, and isn’t a four-alarm fire within the program, but it has to be done correctly and swifty. With a bowl game weeks away and signing day approaching faster than we all think, recruiting knowledge is of the utmost importance to a great program coming off back-to-back seasons filled with struggles on the field. Scholarships need to be filled and depth built.

The Gators will be fine without Pantoni – one loss doesn’t derail the vast recruiting power of a program like Florida – but it all takes time. The Gators are no longer granted access to Pantonipedia; that database has been taken off line. A new one will come along and surely keep the orange and blue near the top of the recruiting world year after year. But for a few moments, step back and recognize the contributions of someone without the word "coach" in his title.