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Charlie Weis Leaving Florida To Become Kansas' Head Coach

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Florida offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has been hired as Kansas' new head coach, Kansas University announced on Twitter Thursday afternoon. Kansas will hold a press conference on Friday to announce the hiring.

According to a source, Weis' contract with Kansas is likely to reward the four-time Super Bowl champion coach richly, and in excess of the nearly $3 million per year Will Muschamp is making as Florida's head coach.

It is unclear whether Weis will be with Florida for the 2012 Gator Bowl against Ohio State, but his departure leaves Florida in a bit of a bind from a coaching standpoint and on the recruiting trail. Weis was responsible for almost all of the Florida offense that struggled in 2011, and brought Florida offensive line coach Frank Verducci to Gainesville with him. Additionally, Weis was instrumental in the recruitment of freshman Gators quarterback Jacoby Brissett, who had been elevated to second on Florida's depth chart behind senior John Brantley.

As for candidates to replace Weis: Well, we'll see. Florida's demonstrated a commitment to paying top dollar for assistant coaches, and Muschamp is likely to need an offensive mind that can handle that side of the ball while he focuses on defense.