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Will Muschamp Reportedly Targeting Mike Shula For Florida Offensive Coordinator

On Thursday, at a press conference, Will Muschamp told reporters he wanted to "hire the best offensive coordinator in America." On Friday, Robbie Andreu reported that, according to a "very well-connected source," Muschamp was targeting Mike Shula as Florida's next offensive coordinator, a coach who is anything but the best offensive coordinator in America.

Adam Silverstein of Only Gators found the grisly numbers from Shula's tenure as Alabama's head coach and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offensive coordinator; they paint the picture of a coordinator who has struggled mightily when given the controls of an offense. Muschamp hiring Shula would be evidence of an adherence to the nebulous value of "NFL experience" above all else, and he would risk enraging an already testy Gators fan base in the process and erasing the rest of the goodwill some Florida fans have for him by staking it on a guy who has shown no aptitude for calling plays.

The silver lining of a possible Shula stint as offensive coordinator: By most accounts, he's a pretty good quarterbacks coach. If he were hired as just that, this move might not be a terrible one.