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Don't count the stars, but grade Will Muschamp's first National Signing Day

Florida had 10 recruits with this many stars.
Florida had 10 recruits with this many stars.

Will Muschamp is quickly becoming a quotable guy. His newest line, "I don't count stars," is refreshing in the sense that his first National Signing Day wasn't dictated by old men who spend their Friday nights watching someone else's kid play football. But, the line is a little defense when you remember that those old men usually are pretty good at picking out good players.

I suspect Muschamp would not have said what he said had he pulled off a more impressive day. UF signed 18 players, with St. Thomas Aquinas CB Marcus Roberson being the only real surprise. Florida got plenty of defensive backs and held onto their talent at wide receiver, but swung at missed on the lines and at linebacker. UF will leave seven scholarships in the cabinet for next season.

Muschamp should get credit for maintaining Jeff Driskel, Ja'Juan Story and Mike Blakely, who all could have easily jumped somewhere else following Urban Meyer retiring to spend more time on ESPN. But getting credit is like getting a 'C' when you have the ability to get an 'A'.

Which brings us to our grade for Coach Boom/Blood/Overexcited. I think he is worthy of a 'B', considering that his two coordinators couldn't recruit until their NFL teams were knocked out of the playoffs. The timing of Meyer's resignation also didn't help. When you hear Muschamp say that the unused scholarships will be available next year, it telegraphs that UF is in rebuilding mode, an investment UF refused to make in 2010. But that sets up the process for 2012 and 2013. If Muschamp had pulled in a five-star, I'd give him an 'A' because I'm not sophisticated enough in the world of high school football to ignore star amounts.

What do you say?