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Whatever, I'm picking the Gators in the Final Four

No matter the year, or how many Big Monday or late west coast games you watched, you have no idea how to pick your brackets.

Oh sure, the Big East was more competitive than the NBA, but can you really expect a team to survive that gauntlet and the NCAAs? Or maybe you're like me and you're picking your own school to go much further than they probably will.

That's right, I'm picking the Gators to win the Southeast Region and go to the Final Four.

Why not? If Nate Silver has the Gators in the regional finals, why can't I push UF one line further? 

That is part of the beauty of picking the brackets. If I have St. John's in the Sweet Sixteen, because my Grandfather graduated from there in 1929, who are you to say that I'm wrong? After all, you probably have BYU in that spot, even though Catholic guilt beats the Mormon Honor Code every day and twice on Sunday (that's because Mormons rest on Sunday).

But picking the Gators to win it all? Well, I'm a homer, but I'm not crazy.



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