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Charlie Weis' schematic advantage

UF basketball plays in two days, so now is a perfect time to talk about UF's depth chart for spring football, and Charlie Weis' kinda awesome quote Monday about it.

The Palm Beach Post has a nice breakdown of the depth chart. The only interesting thing being that Trey Burton and Jordan Reed will not become Black Tebow, as both are taken out of the QB rotation. In steps Tyler Murphy and Jeff Driskel, behind the much maligned John Brantley, who might as well change his first name to "Much Maligned."

The defense is especially exciting to me, because it is more Dominique Easley, Sharrif Floyd and Ronald Powell, who can each kill a man with their bare hands. Floyd and Powell showed flashes of brilliance, while Easley was more content on looking awesome, but not playing that way. 

But Charlie's schematic advantage, and his unique way with words, is what intrigues me. The offensive depth chart lists three positions; F-11, F-12, F-21. "F" is the slot or tight end, based on various formations. That is simple enough. Charlie's answer to, "What the hell are these F things?" was simple, in its own way.

"Everyone wants to just give you those bogus depth charts that you get all the time. We actually tried to give you a real one. Sorry. Instead of giving you some bogus depth chart that doesn’t really tell you anything and just lines up with two wide receivers, we figured, ‘Hey, here’s what we’re thinking.’"

A coach who will actually answer questions with an intelligent response? I'll take that schematic advantage all day, baby.