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The Most Wonderful Day of The Year

Today is a National Holiday. Not only is it St. Patrick's Day (and with a Catholic Vice President, this is our best chance for it to be a national holiday), but the NCAA Tournament begins.

We all have our stories of watching the tournament in school. The one teacher who didn't give you busy work so you could watch Old Dominion-Butler, was hated for the rest of the year. How can we concentrate on work when they are tipping off in Charlotte?

Of course, the same is true now of adults. Many of us will take a long lunch, and since it is St. Patrick's Day, that long lunch becomes an early dinner and you end up trying to impress some girl with your Irish heritage. (Not that I've done that, because I'm always well composed.) 

Part of the beauty of today is that about half the field can find a way to win the championship. Unlike college football, mid-majors can be successful in college basketball. It's not just Butler and George Mason making miracle runs. It's Davidson with Stephen Curry, Xavier's three straight Sweet Sixteens, and the beauty of the 12 over 5 upset. Oh by the way, the President fills out a bracket, not a bowl pick'em.

Enjoy today and tomorrow and be safe tonight. But be a man and drink Guinness or Harp. Just because your beer is green, does not mean it is Irish.