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Help Wanted - Inquire Within

If you are a long time reader of Alligator Army (we go back to August of 2007), you know that our posting schedule is off the wall thanks to my strange jobs. Some weeks, it was 10 posts. Other weeks, it was three or four. Additionally, I was never able to pick up friends to be co-writers, the result of bad timing and their own work schedules.

But after three and a half years of posting really late at night, really early in the morning, or hunched over the work computer, it is time to hang up my laptop. Starting April 11, I will no longer be the editor of Alligator Army, making the Orange & Blue Game my last event I cover for the site.

I turn to you to keep Alligator Army going. The site has established credentials. But Alligator Army needs an editor who has the talent and time to provide coverage that is worthy of the Florida Gators. We have a twitter pagefacebook page, and New York Times article, so making the site bigger and better can be done. (I've worked on a lot of cool things, but nothing beats being on the front page of the Paper of Record.)

If you think that writing for a few bucks a day, is for you or your friends, email me at by March 31. Let me know about your background and previous writing experience. If you don't have any writing experience, write up a FanPost on the right side of the page and direct me to it. For those of you who are long time commentators and readers, I'm familiar with your writing, but shoot me an email with your background anyway.

I'll make a decision on April 4, with your first story on April 7 and full time writing starting on April 11. That will allow for some time to train you on the technical issues. But don't worry too much about that. The interface to upload stories is almost exactly the same as the FanPosts. I'll stay on as an "Author," which is basically to write my Championship Mode stories and be one of the few Gators who thinks that Urban Meyer isn't the greatest coach in UF history or that Tim Tebow isn't the greatest athlete in UF history

As always, thanks for reading.