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Attack Jimmer Fredette on defense

The scoring prodigy's worst nightmare is on the other end. Always more focused on points, he hopes to never be stuck with a defensive assignment that will sap his energy. He would rather give up 20 and score 30, than give up 10 and score 15.

That is Jimmer Fredette. For all the talk about his outstanding game and ability to shoot from any spot on the floor, he has become the darling of the 2010-11 season. Last year against Florida in the tournament, Fredette scored 37 points, shooting 50 percent from the field. But last season, Erving Walker and Kenny Boynton, who should be matched up with Fredette on Thursday, did not have the sophistication in their offensive game that they have now. Walker only goes to the goal when he is looking for contact, no longer getting into the lane and throwing a wild pass into the photographers. Boynton, even at 75 percent, can still shoot and will require Fredette to follow him around the floor.

Additionally, if UF cannot use Boynton, Scottie Wilbekin has the personality of a terrier and has not shrunk from any challenge this season. If UF goes big, with Walker/Wilbekin, Chandler Parsons, Alex Tyus, Patric Young and Vernon Macklin, they can pick apart BYU by scoring inside and forcing Fredette to scramble on switches.

Granted, a lot of what I have said is based on my own bias as a Gator fan and that I thought St. John's was going to eat up BYU. But look at BYU's losses to New Mexico and San Diego State. They could not handle high scoring guards and forwards 6-foot-7 and up. Florida has that. Additionally, you can't discount the loss of Brandon Davies. The Florida guards, as much as they need to run Fredette ragged, have to feed the bigs on every trip down the floor. In the 2010 tournament, UF would have won if they did not turn the ball over 21 times. They dominated the glass, which again will be crucial to gain extra possessions and keep Fredette on defense. The longer he is in the defensive end, the better chance Florida will have to win.