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Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em prize and update

I always have enjoyed when Alligator Army readers question my Gator-ness because I have the audacity to criticize Urban Meyer. But when it comes down to it, I'm really a homer.

Take the example of my tremendous rally into 3rd place of the Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em. Once mired in 19th place, Alex Tyus carried me into 3rd overall and 3rd for points possible, as I have UF in the Final Four. Class of '85, who picked Kentucky (!) leads with 56 points. thehighiq, who really is a homer and picked UF to win it all, is 2nd with 54 points. I have 53. I hope you will join me in rooting against Class of '85, because anyone who picks Kentucky or Ohio State deserves to lose.

Of course, I'm playing for pride, but the rest of you are playing for a lovely prize. This year, it is a Gators ice bucket and coozies, perfect for your Orange & Blue tailgate or throwing water on your mistress. Good luck to everyone.