Audio: Erik Murphy Says "We're Gonna Get Off"


First Coast News obtained audio of Erik Murphy talking to team manager Joshua Adel in the back of a police car early Sunday morning. And, surprise, it reflects very, very poorly on Murphy. Adel, at least, is conscious of how bad things are — he asks Murphy "Bro, do you realize how f--ked I am because of y'all dumb motherf--kers?" and rightly points out "We're not in f--king Gainesville. The St. Augustine police don't give a f--k" — but Murphy digs his hole very deep. Telling Cody Larson "They have nothing on us" and suggesting the trio lie to the cops is about as dumb as trying to break into a car in the first place, and while I can't imagine Murphy was in good shape with Billy Donovan on Tuesday, he might be in dire straits today. (via Only Gators)