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Chomping At Bits: Florida Gators News For April 14th, 2011

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New title, feature still occasional. Yes on idea, no on title? Vice versa? The comments are yours.

As mentioned and previewed Wednesday, the Florida lacrosse team plays Northwestern tonight in the biggest match in the program's young history. Admission is free if you're going, and the game is at 6:30 at Donald Dizney Stadium, which is across the street from Southwest Rec. And if you can't come out, you can listen to the game on WRUF-AM 850 either online or locally in Gainesville.

Only Gators' Adam Silverstein continues his great series of interviews with great Gators by talking to Mike Peterson. The most heartening bit?

Everybody thinks when you go to the NFL it’s going to be a step up. Coming for Florida, it may be a step down with the facilities, the way you’re treated in the city, the love you get from the city and the way fans rally behind you win or lose. It’s a top-notch program. Right now, to me, it’s the best program in the country. I don’t see why, if you’re a high school kid, why you’d want to go anywhere else.

Yeah, that's a good quote recruiters might use.

The Miami Herald's Mike McCall thinks a "Free Josh Adel" campaign is in order. I don't totally disagree. And the Erik Murphy/Cody Larson/Adel tapes have now made it to Deadspin, so, yeah, you might want comebacks for your local 'Noles/Dawgs fans.

ESPN's Dave Telep really likes Florida basketball recruit Brad Beal (can we get a ruling on Bradley vs. Brad? I feel like I see him going back and forth), comparing him to, uh, Hubert Davis. That's probably apt if he can shoot and yap, and I'll certainly take the 2011-12 Hubert Davis over Kenny Boynton playing like the 2009-10 Kenny Boynton.