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Looking Ahead Again: Florida Football 2011

A few months ago, in mid-January to be exact, I asked the question - Where should the Gators be ranked entering the 2011 college football season? There were some very interesting and intriguing answers to say the least. Including a vote for a #1-5 ranking.

Since I originally asked that question, has moved the Gators up from 28th to 22nd. Everyone else in the original FanPost has the Gators ranked in the same spot mostly because they don't update their lists all that often during this time of the year.

Also, even though quotes from players like Robert Clark have come out saying that the offense we saw on display was limited. I understand the reasoning behind showing a limited offense such as injuries and players doing other things such as track, but it still doesn't inspire that much confidence.

My question for you is now this - Since the Orange and Blue Debut, has your opinion of where the Gators should be ranked entering the 2011 college football season changed at all?

To recap the results from the original question:

1 vote for #1-5 - 0%

8 votes for #6-10 - 5%

22 votes for #11-15 - 15%

30 votes for #16-20 - 30%

34 votes for #21-15 - 23%

48 cotes for Unranked - 33%

It is clear that even before we realized and/or saw firsthand that the defense is way ahead of the offense at this point, our opinions aren't all that high on the Gators. While I personally expect it to take up to two years for Will Muschamp to get the players he wants and for the new systems (both offensively and defensively) to work at full or near full capacity, I stand by my original selection of #16-20.

I don't think that as of right now that are in any position to challenge for the BCS National Championship but I do think that the SEC East is winnable.

What say you?