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Florida's 200 SEC Championships By the Numbers, Part One: Breakdown By Team

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You may or may not have noticed that Florida won its 200th SEC Championship over the weekend when the men's golf team prevailed in the SEC Tournament. That's okay: we'll be helping you understand just how successful the Gators have been in collecting all that hardware all this week. GatorZone and Only Gators have plenty of the raw numbers; we're going to look at the trends and such.

But first, a pie chart.

This graph of Florida's SEC Championships by program is via I believe you can click to enlarge. (And before you ask: There was nothing I could do about the text overruns or the weird color sequence at the end.)


A few takeaways:

  • Swimming and diving is hugely important to Florida's SEC success. Combine the men's and women's programs, and Florida has 50 SEC titles from its pool people, fully a quarter of the school's total.
  • Would you have guessed women's tennis would be second? I wouldn't have.
  • 18 of those 19 volleyball titles are consecutive. Just think about that for a second.
  • Football has fewer SEC titles than soccer. Florida's been competing for SEC football titles since 1932; the Gators soccer program began play in 1995.
  • Softball: More successful in the last few years than you think, and much less historically successful than you might expect.
  • Conspicuously absent: Women's basketball. That's not unexpected from a team in the same conference as Tennessee, LSU, and Georgia, but Florida's women's basketball program has never really reached a level that would enable it to snatch an SEC title in an off year.