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Florida's 200 SEC Championships By the Numbers, Part One: Breakdown By Team

You may or may not have noticed that Florida won its 200th SEC Championship over the weekend when the men's golf team prevailed in the SEC Tournament. That's okay: we'll be helping you understand just how successful the Gators have been in collecting all that hardware all this week. GatorZone and Only Gators have plenty of the raw numbers; we're going to look at the trends and such.

But first, a pie chart.

This graph of Florida's SEC Championships by program is via I believe you can click to enlarge. (And before you ask: There was nothing I could do about the text overruns or the weird color sequence at the end.)


A few takeaways:

  • Swimming and diving is hugely important to Florida's SEC success. Combine the men's and women's programs, and Florida has 50 SEC titles from its pool people, fully a quarter of the school's total.
  • Would you have guessed women's tennis would be second? I wouldn't have.
  • 18 of those 19 volleyball titles are consecutive. Just think about that for a second.
  • Football has fewer SEC titles than soccer. Florida's been competing for SEC football titles since 1932; the Gators soccer program began play in 1995.
  • Softball: More successful in the last few years than you think, and much less historically successful than you might expect.
  • Conspicuously absent: Women's basketball. That's not unexpected from a team in the same conference as Tennessee, LSU, and Georgia, but Florida's women's basketball program has never really reached a level that would enable it to snatch an SEC title in an off year.