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Will Muschamp Highlights from the SEC Post-Spring Teleconference

Head football coach Will Muschamp took part (like he wouldn't) in the SEC's annual "post-spring" teleconference today.

For those who missed it, you can view the audio here courtesy of the SEC Digital Network.The whole thing is roughly 8 minutes long.

The highlights were of course Will Muschamp previewing the upcoming season, recruiting, injuries, John Brantley, transfers, and a few other topics.

He started off by a talking about a lot of the injuries that happened on both sides of the lines and how the Gators are really thin. But he really praises Charlie Weis on how everything is being installed.

"At Florida, we don’t gray-shirt. That’s not something that we do. That’s not a policy of ours."

That remains to be seen. We've talked about this scenario here at Alligator Army earlier today. As I said then, I'm not against over-signing. I think there are far worse things going on in the world of college football than this.

"Mack Brown is going to be fine. All of the guys who were injured we expect to be at full speed by Fall Camp in August. Mack Brown will be cleared June 22nd I believe is the date"

Well that is good news. A full roster by fall camp, no season long injuries (to date) and nothing to worry about. It is great to hear that Muschamp believes the roster will be 100% by August. That is outstanding.

"John Brantley had a good spring for us. I'm real pleased with where he is directing the offense and the kids have a lot of confidence in him."

Ummm. Uh. Oh.

"Jordan Reed...needs to take some strides at the leadership position."

I like how he names off roughly 20 players, praises them but then singles out Jordan Reed. Something is there, I don't know what it is, but I like it. He is trying to get Jordan to step up. I like it.

"Javares wanted to play with his brother at Texas Tech....Chris felt like sometimes things don't fit."

Totally understandable on both counts. Muschamp said that he had long conversations with both players, wished them luck and that he would even help Chris find a better situation.

The last few minutes were spent by Muschamp talking about the hiring of NFL coaches (Weis, Quinn..etc), and talking some more about John Brantley. Muschamp gave the standard reasons of familiarity with the coaches, the terminology of the plays, the credibility that they bring to the program and even the recruiting that Weis brings.