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Janoris Jenkins Arrested For Marijuana Possession (Again)

Janoris Jenkins has been arrested for marijuana possession, according to Michael DiRocco of the Florida Times-Union.

Florida CB Janoris Jenkins arrested for possession of less than 20g of pot. It's his third arrest -- second involving pot -- in 23 months.

The Times-Union further reports Jenkins was arrested in Gainesville early Saturday morning. A message posted to a Twitter account that is ostensibly Jenkins' said "Heading hme..." early Saturday morning, and another, posted an hour ago, indicates he's heading to Orlando.

Jenkins was arrested for marijuana possession this Januaryreputedly while hosting recruit Marcus Roberson — and for affray and resisting arrest in 2009. And, already, national pundits are looking to Will Muschamp for a reaction.

Remember when the return of Jenkins, presumptive All-American cornerback, looked like Muschamp's best recruiting job of the offseason? That's because Jenkins is a spectacularly talented cornerback, a player who could have been a first-round pick in this year's NFL Draft had workouts and interviews gone well.

Now, between a likely suspension or dismissal from Muschamp's team and a character concern related not just to his use of marijuana but his apparent inability to avoid being arrested for possession in Gainesville, Jenkins might have cost himself millions. And it seems like Muschamp prevailing upon Jenkins to stay in town may have only bought Coach Boom another migraine.

The bet here is that Muschamp permanently dismisses Jenkins from the Florida football team, citing not the crime but the repeated conduct, and that Jenkins enters the NFL Supplemental Draft this summer. That might be the right outcome, too.