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Florida Basketball Hires FAU's Matt McCall As Billy Donovan's Third Assistant Coach

FOX Sports' Jeff Goodman just confirmed a rumor that's been floating for some time now: Florida Atlantic's Matt McCall, formerly Billy Donovan's director of basketball operations, will join the Florida basketball staff in 2011-12 as the Gators' third assistant coach.

Adam Silverstein was mentioning McCall as a top candidate at Only Gators back at the beginning of April, and McCall's return to Gainesville certainly makes plenty of sense. The Ocala native worked as Florida's director of basketball operations from 2004 to 2008, then left to join Mike Jarvis' coaching staff at FAU in 2008.

McCall's got a good pedigree and a nice reputation in basketball circles. His father, Wayne McCall, played linebacker for the Gators in the 1960s, and McCall has been lauded as an up-and-comer since joining Florida's staff after graduating from UF in 2004.

McCall is also on Twitter, though his tweets are protected, and has this amusing Facebook group to his credit.