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Chomping At Bits: Erving Walker's Softball Swing, Florida's NFL Draft History

Contributors-to-be: Be ready to get a ton of emails tonight.

Erving Walker can't hack softball: Our friends over at Bourbon Meyer (side note: I'm still jealous I didn't think of that name) went to Florida's Swing for a Cure Home Run Derby charity event after Saturday's Gators softball win over Alabama, and got this video of Erving Walker trying to hit softball pitcher extraordinaire Danielle Lawrie. It's very amusing.

I'm not saying I would have done much better than Walker — I've had my issues with Little League pitching as a college student — but I think I might have swung at about the time the ball was crossing the plate. Might.

Orange and blue-chips: Rivals has a piece today breaking down NFL Draft picks by college and conference, and Florida fares quite well. 12 Gators have been first round NFL Draft picks since 2000, tied for sixth among all NCAA programs and for first in the SEC, and 59 Gators have been drafted since 2000, also tied for sixth overall. The only SEC program with more players drafted? Tennessee, which also had 12 first-rounders.

Claye honored: Will Claye jumps high and far and well for Florida's track and field team, and that's honestly all I know about him. But he was an integral part of Florida repeating as men's indoor track and field champions, and for that, Claye's been named the Collegiate Men's Indoor Athlete of the Year by Track and Field News. Now you know!