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Janoris Jenkins Leaving Florida Football, Per Will Muschamp On Twitter

Well, I can't imagine anyone was predicting Will Muschamp's first words on Janoris Jenkins in the wake of his third arrest as a Gator would be tweeted. And yet, it seems that Muschamp and Jenkins met today and decided Jenkins' time with Florida is over:


Muschamp added:

We appreciate Janoris’ contributions to the University of Florida during his time here and wish him the best of luck.

Is your head spinning yet? That's Will Muschamp telling the world via Twitter that Janoris Jenkins is no longer a member of the Florida Gators before GatorZone even had the news up. That's some next-level stealth ops/media circumvention from Coach Boom.

Beyond the awe at Muschamp sneaking the only piece of news anyone really needed from Gainesville this week out without even a hint of a leak, this is probably more or less what needed to happen. I suspected Jenkins would be done as a Gator on Saturday; we had a good case for why on Sunday; and we've covered what the Gators secondary might look like without Jenkins this fall.

But that doesn't mean it's not sad to see him go: Jenkins was an excellent player in each of his three years as a Gator, and a joy to watch if you enjoy physical play from cornerbacks. I'd guess he's ticketed for the NFL supplemental draft (if it exists this year), and as with all members of Gator Nation, I wish him well in his future endeavors.