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Ahmad Black Drafted 151st Overall By The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The long wait for Ahmad Black is finally over thanks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Some might say (including myself) that he waited much too long: Black brings excellent ball skills and superb instinct to any secondary, and fits very well in Tampa's Cover 2 scheme as a player who can both cover and rush. Black was selected with the 20th pick in the 5th round.

Ahmad joins former Gators running back Earnest Graham in Tampa, and is likely to be a favorite for coach Raheem Morris. Be sure to check out SB Nation's Tampa Bay Buccaneers blog, Bucs Nation, for their thoughts on the pick, and updates on Black's career.

Congrats Ahmad! Well deserved.

With only the sixth and seventh rounds left, the chances that Gators Will Hill and Chas Henry will get drafted dwindle with each pick. Making matters worse, the current NFL lockout prevents teams from signing undrafted free agents, so Hill and Henry might have to wait a little longer to catch on with a team.