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Are you curious or concerned?

As seems to happen each Spring, the joy of spring football is broken by fractured bones and torn ligaments. The injuries that Will Muschamp and the Gators have experienced this spring might make you think he is running Tom Coughlin's training camp, but hopefully it is bad luck.

That said, injuries plus a transition equal some problems. John Brantley isn't hurt, but Florida is lacking healthy offensive linemen, following injuries to Nick Alajaian and Xavier Nixon. With a premium on practice time, it does actually mean something for linemen to miss time, especially in the transition to a pro-style offense.

If you have patience with The New Gators, none of this will worry you, and you won't mind that Muschamp had to pull guys out of Southwest Rec to have enough bodies for the Orange & Blue Game. But patience is not a virtue that Gator fans hold. 

I think it will be interesting to see how the fanbase reacts towards the Gators, especially if we don't see anything of note on Saturday. As much as I am willing to go through a rebuilding year, I'm not sold on Muschamp being the guy to do the building. I'm in the minority on that point, but others will say that our senior quarterback and a year for our young defensive studs means winning the SEC East should be attainable. 

And yet, when I'm at the game on Saturday, it won't take long for me to start believing Brantley is the second coming of Joe Montana or that Omarius Hines has the rear end of a race horse. I'm curious to see what this team can do, even with all the organized chaos of a new coaching staff. I'm not concerned yet, but if UF is still lacking bodies in August, I will be.