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Report: Janoris Jenkins Will Transfer to North Alabama

It looks like Janoris Jenkins will deny the NFL Supplemental Draft of his talents. Janoris will transfer to North Alabama, according to Mocking the Draft (found via Holly). He will there join Terry Bowden who, aside from some TV stuff over the last decade, was last seen roaming the sidelines at Auburn — though he was not so seen during 1994 due to probation, sank you veddy much.

In case you were curious: Jenkins will be a Lion at North Alabama, which claims purple and gold as its school colors. And as for Jenkins' NFL Draft hopes, well, "A total of 23 Lions have beedn drafted by professional teams and 44 more have signed free agent contracts," according to North Alabama's own site.

Other than still hating Terry Bowden for a heartbreaker of a loss in 1994, I can't say I have any other reason to bear any ill will toward any success Janoris will directly or indirectly bestow upon Bowden the Younger.

Thoughts from the Gator Nation?