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Will Muschamp: "Recruiting's Kind Of Like Shaving..."

The wise words keep spilling from Will Muschamp.


And the classic quotes keep coming. Will Muschamp on recruiting, via the Orlando Sentinel's Rachel George:

New one from Will Muschamp: "Recruiting's kind of like shaving. If you don't do it every day, you look like a bum."

That is, of course, exactly right! Also, if you cut it too close, you can end up bleeding, and if you go without doing it for too long, things get hairy.

Jokes aside, I'm glad that Muschamp keeps talking up recruiting in his various trips to Gator Clubs across Florida. We may all realize that Muschamp and Florida might struggle in 2011, but if he can at least establish the Gators as a force on par with Jimbo Fisher's resurgent Florida State and Al Golden's rejuvenated Miami on the recruiting trail, the future will remain very bright for Florida football.

This quote's not quite Muschamp living up to the reputations of his lippy predecessors, and it unfortunately puts homeless people in a position to be laughed at (though that's not Muschamp's intention at all), but I will take it. And I can't wait for his next bit of home-spun brilliance.