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Florida Baseball: Back to Back SEC Champions

Sort of, anyway: Florida, Vanderbilt and South Carolina all earned a share of the regular season title with a final SEC  record of 22-8. This is the Gators' 12th conference championship.

Head coach Kevin O'Sullivan talked to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel about the added pressure on this year's team thanks to outsized preseason expectations.

"Every year presents itself some new situations and circumstances, but this has been a little bit of a grind. Not a little bit. It's been a huge grind, to be honest with you," said Florida coach Kevin O'Sullivan. "To go out there every night and your team's expected to play flawlessly and you're not supposed to lose, and to have a lot of expectations, for these guys to respond and play the way they have over the course of the year is a huge accomplishment."

On Friday, Kentucky ruined the Gators' chances of an outright SEC crown with a 14-1 beatdown. But the Gators had a little bit of revenge on Saturday, destroying Kentucky 19-3. Next up is the SEC Tournament and, more importantly, the NCAA Tournament after that. South Carolina owns the tiebreaker so the Gamecocks take the No. 1 seed into the tournament. The Gators are the No. 3 seed and face off against No. 6 seed Mississippi State Wednesday at 4:30pm. The last time the Gators won the SEC Tournament was 1991.