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Former Gator Joakim Noah in Trouble for Using Gay Slur

Joakim Noah has always been a big fan favorite for not only Gator fans but basketball fans in general. But after Sunday night's game against the Miami Heat, Noah may have lost a few fans. Apparently Noah felt disrespected by a fan's comment and decided to dish out a few insults in retaliation. Noah has always been famous for his intensity and hustle but there is no excuse for this kind of language.

Noah has since apologized but also said he still expects a fine from the NBA. Just recently Kobe Bryant made the same mistake and was fined $100,000 by the NBA. For the Bulls' sake, they better hope it's just a fine without any suspension considering how much the team needs Noah if they want to get past the Heat in the play-offs.

This should be a reminder to all of us, don't use this kind of language whether you are playing basketball with your buddies or commenting here on Alligator Army. Even if you are not intending to offend anyone, it does.