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Best Wishes for Mike Miller's Family

While we analyze our teams, players, and match-ups, we sometimes forget that the players have lives, too, and that tragedy can strike them just as it can strike us. Please keep Mike Miller (he of the buzzer-beating shot against Butler in the 2000 NCAA Tournament) in your thoughts and prayers, as Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer cites a tremendous ESPN piece that details how, as Miller is suiting up for the Heat for Game 5, his newborn daughter is in the hospital, trying to fight back from complications arising from childbirth. (Furthermore, the ESPN piece notes that former Gator Udonis Haslem has been part of Miller's support system throughout this ordeal.)

No matter how much we care about our players or how much we dislike rival players, that all gets pushed aside when personal difficulties like this come up. Best wishes to Mike Miller, his family, and all those affected by this sort of thing.