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Florida Gators Have 12 Players On Phil Steele's Preseason All-SEC Team

The Florida Gators have 12 players on Phil Steele's 2011 Preseason All-SEC Team. The breakdown is as follows:

First Team: Andre Debose (KR) and Jaye Howard (DT)

Second Team: Chris Rainey (WR) and Jelani Jenkins (LB)

Third Team: Ronald Powell (DE), Jon Bostic LB) and Caleb Sturgis (K)

Fourth Team: John Brantley (QB), Deonte Thompson (WR), Jordan Reed (TE), Xavier Nixon (OL), and Jeremy Brown (CB)

After the jump is the entire list, a small recap and a breakdown by SEC team.

I have no problem with either Howard (based on potential) or Debose (if he remains at KR) being named to the 1st team.

As for Chris Rainey, if he can stay healthy, he'll justify that 2nd team nomination. But that is a serious question mark. Jelani Jenkins has been and is in my opinion the better linebacker when compared to Jon Bostic, so I agree with placing Jenkins ahead of Bostic.

Ronald Powell, if he gets the playing time and begins to come into his own, he can be a force. But the Gators have a lot of talent all across the DL so there is going to be a lot of rotation. Caleb Sturgis is well, Caleb Sturgis. We all know what he can do.

I'm kind of surprised to see Brantley's name on the list, but then again, when you look at the other teams across the SEC and their quarterbacks, it really isn't a surprise. Maybe Stephen Garcia ahead of Brantley? But I think the Charlie Weis factor is involved here.

Deonte Thompson, Jordan Reed and Jeremy Brown are solid inclusions on the list and Xavier Nixon is probably our best overall offensive linemen.

Alabama -  18 players overall (7 1st Team)

Arkansas - 14 players overall (5 1st Team)

Auburn - 3 players overall

Georgia - 15 players overall (5 1st Team)

Kentucky - 6 players overall (2 1st Team)

LSU - 9 players overall (1 1st Team)

Mississippi State - 6 players overall

Ole Miss - 7 players overall (1 1st Team)

South Carolina - 10 players overall (4 1st Team)

Tennessee - 6 players overall (1 1st Team)

Vanderbilt - 6 players overall