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Florida Pitcher Brian Johnson Recovering After Taking Baseball To The Head

Yes, Florida baseball had a very successful weekend at the SEC Tournament: the Gators went 4-1, blanked Vanderbilt 5-0 for their first SEC Tournament Championship since 1991, and generally looked like a team ticketed for the College World Series. We'll have more on that tomorrow, I promise.

But the weekend was not without a dark moment, and, fortunately, Brian Johnson is recovering from being knocked out by a Mike Zunino throw that nailed the side of his head during Florida's 4-3 loss to Georgia on Saturday. The video is probably not for the squeamish, so that's your warning.

Johnson was taken to a local hospital after the hit, and has a concussion, but is recovering.

A Florida spokesman says he sustained a mild concussion but tests at a local hospital showed no fractures, bruises or bleeding. The spokesman said Johnson was released and went to the team hotel to rest.

Hopefully, Johnson's concussion is as mild as it sounds. And, furthermore, let's hope he does not return to the field until he is fully cleared to do so.

Video via SB Nation Atlanta, where you can also check out a full recap of the SEC Tournament.