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Florida Releases Will Muschamp's Contract: Salary Is $2.75 Million Per Year

The University of Florida (or the University Athletic Association) released head football coach Will Muschamp's contract this afternoon, and the Gainesville Sun's Robbie Andreu zipped to Twitter to mete out the details. Basically, it's a five-year, $13.7 million deal with a fair few bonuses for performance.

UF just released Muschamp's contract. It's for $13,752,000 over five years. Average per year is $2,750,400

Muschamp contract full of bonus incentives: $75,000 for winning SEC title game; $250,000 for winning BCS title game

Muschamp received a $750,000 signing bonus. Per year in his contract,$200,000 comes from Nike apparel deal.

Muschamp has a $500,000 buyout. He also has a retention bonus of $500,000 if he is still coach in Jan. 2016.

If UF fires Muschamp, he will receive $2 million for each year left on his contract.

The quick-and-dirty analysis, before we get our hands on the contract and can go through it? Muschamp's making a lot of money for a first-time head coach, and there are significant incentives in place for UF to keep him around for a while. Muschamp's buyout is a paltry $500,000, sure — and yes, that's paltry in this world of SEC coaching salaries, but not in many other places — but if the difference between keeping him and cutting ties is just $750K more per year, it's cheaper to keep him.

Again, we'll have more when the full contract is available.