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Friday Forum Vol II: Readers Choice

For Volume I of Friday Forum click here.  

Friday Forum on Alligator Army returns to ask the readers what they would like to see covered during the summer months. I've thought for months to do a series on the top ten greatest Gators football games that were played during the Alligator Army era (since 2007). I'm sure some of the other fantastic authors, editors, and even the great Andy himself have great ideas as well.

The greatest players of the Alligator Army era? The greatest plays? The greatest coaches? The biggest misses on the recruiting trail? It can be anything. Even the worst authors here at AA. Though I'm pretty sure numbers 1-10 would be me.

Do y'all just want to skip the fluff and discussion those will surely bring and continue on with the recruiting news, the previews of players, coaches, units, the schedule breakdown?

It is up to you, the reader to decide. Just tell us what you want us to cover. Feel free to leave any ideas (or thoughts about this post in general) in the comment section or shoot me an e-mail. If we don't cover it, or you want it handle it yourself, just make a FanPost about it and we'll move it to the front page.

What have we missed so far? What would you like to see? What do you want to talk about this summer?

Now that I've gotten this out of the way, I'm going to go into a dark room and continue with my recovery from Cinco de Mayo and the bottle and a half of Brinley's Mango Rum I apparently drank.